How We Align: Bringing Together Culture, Strategy + Methods

About 70% of projects fail. The reasons typically can be traced back to three problematic areas: culture, strategy and project methods. These three elements form the foundation for your business. Preventing project failure starts with creating the right culture. This is arguably the most important element as it serves to provide a common lens for everyone to understand the purpose of the organization. Second, developing a robust business strategy is imperative as it is used to figure out “how” to address the problem you are trying to solve. Thirdly, the business methods used to carry out your business functions must create the roadmap for  “what” you are doing to meet your business goals.

This interactive webinar is for leaders, project managers— or really anyone interested in improving project delivery effectiveness. I provide a step-by-step process to help you align culture, strategy and project management methods in your organizations. Be part of the 30% that succeeds!

In this webinar I will show you:

  • How to identify key characteristics of culture, strategy and methods
  • Understand the role of culture, strategy and methods in meeting business goals
  • Create a culture, strategy and methods map
  • Learn change management techniques that help promote alignment between these three elements
  • Establish metrics to track progress towards alignment

– A 1.5 hour one-to-one session with Project Rescuers founder Carrie Elrick

– 5 Interactive Worksheets

– A go-live action plan

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