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These are one-on-one webinars with Project Rescuers founder Carrie Elrick. Works with your schedule and your goals. For more information, or to book a time, click see more on the webinar you're interested in.

Project Rescuers: 5 Critical Steps to Reopen Strong

Your business is your biggest project right now! June 2020 is your chance to develop a reopening plan that brings you front and center to gain new customers.
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Business Rescuing: Digital Transformation to e-commerce in the Era of COVID-19

Empower your employees, engage your customers, optimize your operations and transform your product. These are the four steps to give your customers the experience they want.
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How We Align: Bringing Together Culture, Strategy + Methods

About 70% of projects fail. The reasons typically can be traced back to three problematic areas: culture, strategy and project methods. These three elements form the foundation for your business.
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Beyond Kombucha: Creating a Sustainable Culture in the Era of COVID-19

This webinar is aimed at leaders and influencers to develop an understanding of the role of culture in driving business outcomes and to create an action plan for their organization to develop the right culture.
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